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Why I LOVE Wine: Wine is My Passport 

For those of you just getting to know me…Hi! My name is Larissa, a Wine industry professional. I wanted to start this Blog Series by letting you all know why I fell in love with Wine. More importantly, why I want to share the little that I know (the Wine world is one of continuous learning) with you… Read Full Post Here. 

Why I LOVE Wine: Wine Knowledge is POWERful

I’m a strong believer in the power of Wine knowledge, and the love I have for my career paired with my desire to increase my Wine knowledge pushes me to not only share what I’ve been given access to, but to help those seriously interested in getting their foot in the door…Read Full Post Here

TLTV Top 10 Wine Festival Tips

In this Lotus Lesson I’m sharing expert festival tips I’ve learned in my years of experience. Trust me – these tips will make sure your next Wine festival is a memorable one for all the right reasons…Read Full Post Here.

Wine Gifting: TLTV Has You Covered

Tis the season to exchange gifts and be merry! We sat down with our Resident Wine Educator Larissa to answer some of your most-pressing wine gifting questions. …Read Full Post Here.

Why I LOVE Wine: Drinking Wine is Drinking History

Yep, your favorite bottle of bubbly bliss can be your personal time travel machine.  Wine gives us an opportunity to re-live a moment in the past…Read Full Post Here.

Champagne vs Sparkling Wine: Come Explore the Difference

So, what will you be sipping when the clock strikes midnight, Champagne or a Sparkling Wine? Don’t know the difference? We’ve got you with a quick Lotus Lesson…Read Full Post Here.

Why I LOVE Wine: Wine is Sexy

I’m still trying to figure out if it’s the unique combination of culture, power, and history, or the memories it can create from quality time spent with friends and loved ones that makes wine so captivating…Read Full Post Here.

Connections to Remember: The Inaugural Blacks in Wine Symposium

It was Magic. Pure Black Magic. That Black-Wine-Professionals Magic. I STILL feel this way a week after attending the Inaugural Blacks in Wine Symposium…Read Full Post Here.