About Us

Redefining the Culture: Bridging the Gap Between the Wine Novice and the Wine Connoisseur

At The Lotus & The Vines we are creating a seat at the worldwide wine table for “New Age” wine drinkers, beginners, and intermediates. As your Wine Best Friends, we show you that wine is more than a glass with your entree but can unlock power moves and take you around the world in just minutes.

Our Promise To you

We Make Wine Relatable

At the Lotus & The Vines, we raise our glasses – not our noses! We believe wine is for everyone. We create experiences and an inviting curriculum to elevate your wine knowledge.

We’re Your Trusted Wine Guide

With more than 10 years of experience and formal training, The Lotus & The Vines team shares an extensive wine knowledge to all who want to learn more!

We Make Wine a Lifestyle

So, you think Wine is magic in a bottle? We do too!  Our team works to fuse its splendor with the world around us. After all, it is a personal passport!

Meet TLTV’s Resident Wine Educator

Larissa C. Dubose, Resident Wine Educator

Larissa C Dubose, is a Certified Sommelier and market-savvy Sales Manager with over 10 years of experience in the Wine/Spirits and Hospitality Industries. Throughout her tenure, she has held several roles on the Distribution and Supplier side of the Wine and Spirits industry and is currently a Senior On-Premise Manager representing two luxury California wineries in the Southeast. As the Founder and Resident Wine Educator for The Lotus & The Vines, her passion for wine education is clear. To redefine wine culture and bridge the gap from wine novice to connoisseur using the soft skills of wine knowledge and etiquette. This dedication has led her to accept two new roles:

Awards & Certifications: