Drinking Wine is Drinking History

Drinking Wine is Drinking History

By: Larissa Dubose, Resident Wine Educator

I’ve really enjoyed sharing why I loooove Wine with you all from it serving as a passport around the world to its undeniable power in business and social settings. Today I’m sharing the historic impact that wine has made on me. I like to think that “drinking Wine is drinking history.”

In my element during my trip to Épernay, which is best known as the principal “entrepôt” for champagne wines.

Yep, your favorite bottle of bubbly bliss can be your personal time travel machine.  Wine gives us an opportunity to re-live a moment in the past – a moment of hard work and passion by a team of people and skilled wine makers with one goal: for you to enjoy your many Wine moments years later!  

On a recent visit to Paris, my hubby and I took a day trip to the Champagne Region of France (Ahhh, give me a moment while I relive this unmatched experience – simply magical!). While the historical aspect of wine is something that I’ve known for a long time, there was a much deeper appreciation to see it first hand. Honestly, it’s almost indescribable…but, I’ll try. There’s something about walking through chalk caverns built in the 1800s that sustained through two World Wars. These are caverns that go for miles underground. These caverns are filled with so much more than champagne bottles. They overflow with tradition, patience, practice, and pride. It’s generations of families and people that you can feel, and, frankly, why Champagne is so damn expensive! ha. Though technology has streamlined some methods of winemaking, the great winemakers find balance between innovation and the historical blueprints provided by the notable wine regions. Now, that is true skill!

The “Birth Year” Taste

I can’t think of many libations besides wine, that allow you to taste a creation from your birth year. Though I have yet to enjoy this experience, (no I will not share my birth year lol) when I do I will cherish it. Even if that wine is past its prime, I will still savor every sip in that moment. After all, YOLO, and I’m Drinking History!