Wine is Sexy

Wine is Sexy

By: Larissa Dubose, Resident Wine Educator

Wine Has an Allure of its Own…

I’m still trying to figure out if it’s the unique combination of culture, power, and history, or the memories it can create from quality time spent with friends and loved ones that makes wine so captivating. Perhaps, it’s the escape from the “real world” it provides at a much-anticipated happy hour or during a bubble bath after a long day – Or, maybe it’s that comfort we need on a cold winter night while curled up on the couch watching our favorite movie or reading our favorite book. Or maybe, just maybe, wine is so alluring because it serves as the perfect accompaniment to a crisp sunset enjoyed with amazing company. Whatever it is, Wine has a special way of weaving itself into the fabric of our lives at the best moments.

Let’s be honest, if a smile hasn’t appeared on your face at this point from all of this reminiscing, you need more wine in your life! And, I quote: “No great story ever started while eating a salad.” This is true, and I can attest that in my household and amongst my friends, if there’s something juicy to be shared or monumental to be celebrated, Wine is always involved!

Let’s take this Sexy dialogue a step further, and discuss the opening of a Wine bottle and the moments thereafter. When Wine is savored, it’s an Experience – each and every time! There’s something about the sound of a Champagne (or Sparkling Wine) bottle popping that is sure to get the party and conversation started. Then there’s the sound of Wine pouring into a glass, followed by a beautiful swirl and the slow dance of the legs that makes a simple glass of wine exhilarating. The Wine’s defined aromas and the bouquet dance in your nose like the sweetest perfume as you lead up to that sumptuous first sip. Couple this experience with the perfect food pairing and you’ve found the perfect paradise in your corner of the world. This is all a part of Wine’s allure the keeps us coming back for more…And, it’s Damn Sexy if you ask me!


I hate to see this series on “Why I Love Wine” end, but I’ve loved the opportunity to share it with my new Wine Friends as we grow in our Wine Journey!

Thank you all! Stay tuned for more Lotus Lessons and guest Wine Lovers.